Print Work

I started freelancing writing for print publications in 2005 and have loved every minute. Publications that I have contributed to include the Quarter Horse News, Palomino Horses, American Quarter Horse Journal, America’s Horse, NRHA Reiner, Show & Tell Magazine, Western Shooting Horse Magazine, American Paint Horse Journal, Horse Illustrated, and Rodeo News.

Quarter Horse News: Lightening in a Bottle – Katie Starlight

The American Quarter Horse Journal: Q&A with Lanie DeBoer

Quarter Horse News: Rob Curtis – Not Your Typical Owner

The Equine Chronicle: Flexing Mental Muscle in the Show Ring

The Equine Chronicle: Joaquin Delón: Bringing Enthusiasm for the Halter Horse Across the Border

The Equine Chronicle: A Horsemen’s Best Friend: Dogs and their Equine Counterparts

The Equine Chronicle: Branching Out for Youth

The Equine Chronicle: The Right Step–Hoof Care for the Performance Horse

Paint Horse Journal: Caught on Film: Recruiting Videos

Western Shooting Horse Magazine: Refilling the Glass

Paint Horse Journal: A Soft Touch

The Equine Chronicle: Healthy Horse Show Living

The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care: Seasonal Tack Touch-Ups


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