Press Releases by MAC

Photo by Rachel Griffin Photography

Press releases allow a business, a group or an individual share news about their events, their mission or their efforts. They need a storyteller to help write and distribute their media, and I’m always happy to do so.

Minnesota Racehorse Engagement Project, Canterbury Offer New Ownership Options for 2021
Learn the Power of Group Ownership in Horse Racing with Free Webinar
Runhappy stallion
First Runhappy Foals Born In Indiana Bring Sire Full Circle
Unbridled Class Tops Indiana Thoroughbreds for 2019
Indiana Alliance Donates Over $30,000 Back to Indiana Thoroughbred Industry in 2022
Michael Lauer Racing Stable Opens Partnerships
Award-Winning Writer Megan Arszman Expands Services
Indiana-Bred Racehorses Help Fuel Other Champions at KER