Communicating During a Crisis – Crisis Management Essentials for Horse Professionals

Crisis management is typically covered in public relations courses, but most equestrian professionals haven't been privy to those courses. In public relations terms, a crisis is defined as “any event or circumstance that negatively impacts an organization's, or individual's, reputation, credibility or brand.”


Holiday Happiness and New Year Hopes

As the temperatures continue to drop and year-end deadlines wrap up, it’s always a time for reflection and gratitude for the past year. I would like to send warm wishes for a happy holiday season and positive vibes for a successful new year to all her clients and fellow equine industry professionals.

Podcast: How to Write a Press Release That Gets Noticed

Last month I was contacted by Denise Alvarez, owner of Stormlily Marketing, because she was intrigued by my last press release I wrote for the American Horse Publications mailing list touting my successful AHP Seminar. She invited me to speak on her podcast (How to Market Your Horse Business) about how to write a press … Continue reading Podcast: How to Write a Press Release That Gets Noticed