Behind the Stall Door: Extremely Hot Chips

October means it’s time for the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. It’s the mecca for anyone showing stock horse–thousands of people make the pilgrimage to the Ohio State Fairgrounds to show, shop, and just experience the world’s largest single-breed horse show.

While working on another article for The Equine Chronicle, I met Russ Louderbeck, a hotel architect that lived approximately 30 minutes from me. He’s the owner of an up-and-coming Western pleasure stallion, Extremely Hot Chips, and I wanted to share their story. I came out to his farm, Louderbeck Ranch, and met him and the handsome dark brown boy. Not only did I get to know both parties, Russ invited me to take a few laps on his prized stallion–Are you kidding me!? I hadn’t swung my leg over a well-trained Western pleasure horse in years, and it was so much fun! It says a lot about Chip’s personality and attitude to come straight out his stall and allow a stranger to ride without much of a warm-up.

Extremely Hot Chips

That’s why it’s fun to share this stallion’s story. Russ, a hobby horseman and breeder, will be showing Chip at Congress later this month in the Select Amateur Western Pleasure. Last year they finished in the Top 5, and he hopes to replicate, or do better, this year. All without campaigning or a professional trainer. Again, another testament to this wonderful stallion.



Read the article from The Equine ChronicleBehind the Stall Door: Extremely Hot Chips

Livestock Publications Council Awards

Earlier this week I was excited to find out that an article I wrote for the American Quarter Horse Journal was awarded Honorable Mention in the Production/Management class for association magazines at the Livestock Publications Council awards. The article was on handling stallions, and that now all stallions are the same and they’re not all ready to mount a mare when they hit the breeding shed.

It was enlightening to talk with Dr. Sue McDonnell, who is an adjunct professor of equine reproductive behavior and founding head of the equine behavior program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. We discussed types of stallions such as the “Bashful Bachelor” and “Mr. Too-Big-Shot in the Shed,” and how stallions owners and handlers can make life a little better for the men of the farm.

Stallion Handling-1


You can read more of the article: Handling Stallions


Great Rides: An AQHA World Show to Remember

At the 1983 AQHA World Championship Show, Paris Hughes became a legend aboard her trusty gelding, Mr Two Eyed Twist, when the pair won not one, not two but three world championship trophies in one day, barely coming in second for the All Around Amateur title at the show. And that was all while working without a trainer and attending college full time.

It was fun trotting down memory lane with Paris, who now competes in American Paint Horse Association shows lightly, as she’s been recovering from a back injury due to a horse riding accident. This article for the American Quarter Horse Journal was fun to do as Paris shared her memories of the early days of one of the largest horse shows in the country.

American Quarter Horse Journal - Paris Hughes and Mr Two Eyed Twist

You can read the whole story here: Great Rides: A World Show to Remember

Home Services Content

Lately I’ve been doing some work for a few different home services companies (heating/air conditioning, plumbing, electricians). Mostly social media management, reputation management and content curation for their websites. It’s a big leap from the equine industry, but it’s been fun learning about new things and helping to educate their customers to help them save money, save energy and learn a few new things to help manage their homes.

A few examples of my writing include:

The Water Heater: What’s the Difference Between Tankless & Traditional?
Showers. Dishwashers. Clothing washers. Cooking. What do these have in commohome servicesn? They all rely on hot water, which comes from your water heater. But did you know there are two different types of water heaters?

Does My Ceiling Fan Help or Hurt my Air Conditioner?
When the temperatures start climbing, all you can think about is getting the maximum comfort out of your air conditioning unit. So, instead of cranking up the air conditioning, turn on your ceiling fan. After all, increasing air circulation and air flow in your home helps circulate the cool air better, right?

Sump It To Me: Sump Pump 101
A sump pump is one of those household items you might never even consider, but if you have a basement, chances are your house has one. Ever experienced a flash flood and standing water in your basement? Well, if you have a sump pump, that’s when you learn about the effectiveness of the, rather slight, object.

Why is My Water Brown?
A lot of attention has been paid to the water crisis in Flint, Mich., which has led to a lot of questions about water and if water of any color (besides colorless) is safe to drink. What are some common complaints about abnormal water color?

I invite you to do some research when you’re looking for a plumber or HVAC technician. Their websites provide a lot of information to help you fix the simplest problems, or to help diagnose bigger problems that will require their help.

America’s Horse: Smokey the Pony

This time last year an equine star was born…and we’re not talking about American Pharoah.  Instead, we’re talking about his track pony, Smokey, the buckskin Quarter Horse with a golden, dappled coat and the demeanor that drew crowds to him.

I got to know more about “Smokey the Pony” when I wrote a profile piece for the National Reining Horse Association’s The Reiner magazine. It was a piece of a lifetime, since I got to talk with Bob Baffert (one of my favorite Thoroughbred racing trainers) and Donna Brothers, former jockey and NBC Thoroughbred racing analyst. Follow along on Smokey’s journey from a snowy birth to his star shining so bright, Hollywood came calling.

Read more: This Whiz Shines: America’s Sweetheart HS-Smokey the Pony HorseSM-page-001 HS-Smokey the Pony HorseSM-page-002

Fit Rider – Helping Equestrians Get in Shape

Last year I was so excited to be contacted by a magazine that I grew up reading and you see in newsstands everywhere to write a monthly column on fitness for riders. In January, Horse Illustrated debuted “Fit Rider” with my first article on alternative sports equestrian are participating in to get and stay in shape for those long hours in the saddle.

The January column showed how sports like rock climbing, CrossFit and swimming have helped riders. What was cool was being able to highlight my old CrossFit box in Lexington, Ky., and one of the talented athletes to show exactly how Olympic lifts like the deadlift can help you on the farm:


The February article focused on core work–you have to have a strong core to be a strong rider in the saddle, and core work is so much more than just doing crunches in your living room.

March will feature an explanation of certain exercises riders should be doing to strengthen their overall body, plus I share five workouts that anyone, of any level, can do to help build their stamina and strength. Check back here in a few months to see my first videos (which was an exciting project)!

Be sure to pick up Horse Illustrated to read the series, plus other great articles.

Give Your Horse a Winning Smile

Just as with humans, a horse’s teeth are the most important component to overall wellness. If they’re not probably cared for, their health can deteriorate–his coat can become dull and lifeless, weight can drop, and his behavior will be affected. That’s why equine dental health is so important.

In this article, written for Western Horse & Gun Magazine, I spoke with R. Brad Tanner, DVM, with Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., about taking your horse to an equine dentist on a regular basis and how dental health can be a big component of your horse’s overall wellbeing.

Tips for a Timeless Smile Page 1

Western Horse & Gun: Tips For A Timeless Smile (pdf)