About Megan–My Animal Life

In the second part of my "About Megan" series, I'd like to talk about my animal life and why I seem to focus more on writing about them in my career. I grew up in an animal-loving family. My mother's mother, and her mother, were dog breeders and handlers. Mom grew up with multiple breeds … Continue reading About Megan–My Animal Life

About Megan…Why I Write

As I've been growing my business, I've realized that I should introduce myself a little better. So I'd like to start off with why I write... Growing up I wanted to be an author. I'd write all sorts of stories, "self-publishing" my own books, and crafting stories to tell my family. In grade school I … Continue reading About Megan…Why I Write


Welcome to Megan Arszman Communications' website! This is the home of all things MAC and I hope to share everything I'm up to. You can also like MAC on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram (guaranteed to up your Corgi cuteness dosage daily). Follow me on Twitter. And, of course, stick with this site as I … Continue reading Welcome!