Flexing Your Mental Muscle in the Show Ring

So many things in life are more about mental than physical capability. Sure you have to train your body to run a half (or full) marathon, so your lungs and your legs are used to the distance, but you also have to train your mind that you can run 13.1 miles and you will be successful.

Showing horses and doing dog agility are extremely mental, as well. You have to get out of your head and be in the moment to show off what you’ve worked so hard in the practice pen. If there’s a slight hiccup that occurs, you have to be ready to tackle that problem and shake it off without losing your cool.

That’s why I loved writing this article for the Equine Chronicle. I was able to talk with a mental skills coach and the head coach of the University of Georgia’s Equestrian Team to see how champions handle the pressure in and out of the arena. Even though this was written for a horse magazine, it can be applicable to any sport, or any part of life.

You can download the whole PDF here: Flexing Mental Muscle

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Thinking of Collegiate Riding? Shoot a Video


One of the best things I remember from my years at Murray State University was competing on the equestrian team as part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). When I originally went to Murray I went for the Rodeo Team, but I also fell in love with the coaches of the Equestrian Team and ended up spending all four years there, including being captain my senior year. So when I’m asked to write about college and riding, I jump at the chance.

That’s why I was excited to write for the American Paint Horse Association‘s magazine, the Paint Horse Journal, as part of their “Caught on Film” series. I spoke with intercollegiate coaches for both IHSA and NCAA for tips on shooting recruiting videos. I strongly suggest passing this along to any youth rider looking to compete in college to help them make the best first impression.

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You can also read it via PDF here: CollegiateVideos