America’s Horse: Smokey the Pony

This time last year an equine star was born...and we're not talking about American Pharoah.  Instead, we're talking about his track pony, Smokey, the buckskin Quarter Horse with a golden, dappled coat and the demeanor that drew crowds to him. I got to know more about "Smokey the Pony" when I wrote a profile piece … Continue reading America’s Horse: Smokey the Pony

The Perks of Living in Horse Country

One of the perks of living in Lexington, Ky. is that you’re in the “Horse Capital of the World.” Yes, we know that Ocala, Fla., has that same tagline, and the surrounding area of Fort Worth, Texas, could even be considered that as well, so perhaps we should say the “Original Horse Capital of the … Continue reading The Perks of Living in Horse Country