Horse Health–Botulism: More Deadly Than Wrinkles

Botulism in horses is a very misunderstood disease. My current full-time employer actually makes the one (and only) vaccination against botulism Type B, but it isn’t a very popular vaccine…yet. In order to combat the misunderstanding of the disease, and the unfamiliarity of the importance of regular botulism vaccinations, I worked with my company to try to help educate horse owners more on the fatal disease. In doing so, I wrote articles for both the Equine Chronicle and Western Shooting Horse on the disease, with hopes of opening up a discussion among horse owners and veterinarians. Horses have survived the disease, but many haven’t. Either way, Neogen wants to hear personal stories about horse owners’ experiences with the disease. It’s not a disease of mistreatment or lack of care on the horse owner’s behalf, as some might think, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If you’ve had a horse that was affected with botulism, Neogen would like to hear from you. You can read personal stories about horses that were affected with botulism on their Botulism Blog and share your own experiences. The more knowledge researchers have about the disease, the easier it will be to understand and treat.

You can read the article from Equine ChronicleBotulism: More Deadly than Wrinkles





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