Fit Rider – Helping Equestrians Get in Shape

Last year I was so excited to be contacted by a magazine that I grew up reading and you see in newsstands everywhere to write a monthly column on fitness for riders. In January, Horse Illustrated debuted “Fit Rider” with my first article on alternative sports equestrian are participating in to get and stay in shape for those long hours in the saddle.

The January column showed how sports like rock climbing, CrossFit and swimming have helped riders. What was cool was being able to highlight my old CrossFit box in Lexington, Ky., and one of the talented athletes to show exactly how Olympic lifts like the deadlift can help you on the farm:


The February article focused on core work–you have to have a strong core to be a strong rider in the saddle, and core work is so much more than just doing crunches in your living room.

March will feature an explanation of certain exercises riders should be doing to strengthen their overall body, plus I share five workouts that anyone, of any level, can do to help build their stamina and strength. Check back here in a few months to see my first videos (which was an exciting project)!

Be sure to pick up Horse Illustrated to read the series, plus other great articles.


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