When Government Regulates the Horse Industry…

When asked by the Equine Chronicle, it seems like it could be a relatively easy next step: regulate horse racing nationally, regulate the performance horse industry next. But could government oversight of the performance horse industry (shows, rodeos, expositions) be the next step?

Basic Horse Care is More than Basic

Do you rely too much on others to keep your horse healthy? (From the November/December 2019 Equine Chronicle) The road to the Congress and World Show is a long one, made only longer depending on how far you actually have to haul your horse to Ohio and Oklahoma. During the trip, you may make a … Continue reading Basic Horse Care is More than Basic

Behind the Stall Door: Extremely Hot Chips

October means it's time for the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. It's the mecca for anyone showing stock horse--thousands of people make the pilgrimage to the Ohio State Fairgrounds to show, shop, and just experience the world's largest single-breed horse show. While working on another article for The Equine Chronicle, I met … Continue reading Behind the Stall Door: Extremely Hot Chips