Reaping the Equine Media Honors

To be honored amongst your peers is always a special memory. But, to be honored by your peers is even more special. So, to bring home not one, but two American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards is super special.

Unfortunately, due to recovering from surgery, I was unable to attend the 2022 edition of the American Horse Publications (AHP) Seminar, which was held in Lexington, Ky. I’ve always looked forward to the two days of education and networking, and used it as a way to refresh my creativity and to see my fellow freelancer buddies. However, it made my day to receive messages from my friends at the event sending me good wishes and cheers, as well as congratulations.

I had two articles that I entered make the finals, so I had high hopes for at least one Equine Media Awards plaque. Instead, I earned TWO.

WINNER: Self-Supported Publication, Service to the Consumer (Single Article)
Building Your Dream Team (Horse Illustrated)

I loved writing this piece because my aim was to talk to professionals in all areas of the country. I was able to speak with Dr. Tony Wolfe who is a veterinarian that serves Northern Kentucky and the southern part of Indiana, from major Thoroughbred farms to one or two horse farms. Judy Neill, owner of Camarillo Springs Ranch near Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, with so many tips on how to find the best boarding farm for your needs. And, finally, Certified Journeyman Farrier Brandon Stubbs of St. Louis, Missouri, helped me ask and answer questions that owners might not think about when it comes to finding the best farrier. You can find the article on, and I’m very thankful to the editors for accepting my article pitch and letting me write it.

Judge’s Comments:
Your article had everything I look for in a good piece. The writing was crisp, clear, and engaging. The paragraphs were short, sweet, and impactful. You did a fabulous job incorporating effective, meaningful quotes from great sources around the country into your article in a meaningful, well-structured way. When I write reviews and tips for other entries on how to improve their articles, this is a perfect example.

WINNER: Freelance Writer Feature Single Article
When Government Regulates the Horse Industry (The Equine Chronicle)
When I pitched this piece, I knew it would really make you think. My background in horse racing helped me take the concerns of the Horseracing Industry and Safety Initiative (HISA) and ask the question, “Could this happen to the performance horse industry down the road?” I was grateful that my sources were willing to really think about that question and help me answer it and better explain why HISA is such a big legislative issue for not just horse racing, but the horse industry as a whole. I love that The Equine Chronicle doesn’t back down from controversial topics and lets me stretch my writing chops on those topics. You can read the piece on

Judge’s Comments:
A sentence into this entry, and I am invested in whatever is to follow in pursuit of the story’s outcome. With a thrilling approach to conveying the implications of HISA, every word, every prose, and every paragraph intermittently weaves together a gilded story that relays how the topic at hand affects our industry. The variations in sentence structure, subject utilization, direct and indirect quotations, and industry parallels make this an unrivaled, innovative piece pertinent to many facets of the horse world. This article is high-quality, edgy, imperative writing that sets a precedent not soon to forget.

As always, without my editors, I would never take home these awards, nor would I be in this industry. I’ve been a freelance writer for 17 years, and every year there are struggles and triumphs, and it’s the struggles that keep me going and the triumphs that tells me I’m still on the right path.

Congratulations to my fellow writers and all of the publications on ther successful 2021 editorial calendars! I can’t wait to see everyone at the AHP Seminar in 2023!!!


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