It’s Now a Dog & Pony Show: Contributing for Dogster Magazine

It was only a matter of time before I finally began writing about my other passion–dogs.

For years, I was encouraged by mentors and fellow writers that I needed to start writing for canine publications. Afterall, I have more than 10 years of experience competing in agility, started showing conformation with my Swedish Vallhund two years ago, not to mention my family history with breeding, training and showing dogs. It seemed like the perfect fit…only it’s not very easy cracking into the canine publication world.

I’ve tried before, pitching stories to multiple publications, some that were sister publications to ones I wrote for in the equine industry. But, finally, I took a leap of faith and tried one more time.

I am now a contributing writer for Dogster, both online and in their print publication!

I appreciate the editors of Dogster because they’re forward-thinking in terms of their website and their publication. Most of their articles are short snippets, perfect for the busy dog owner to read and get the most information in the quickest amount of time. Their feature articles are often used online, but they make it so you’re still wanting more and you pick up the magazine to read more when it comes out. There’s a variety of articles, and the website is constructed so you can find what you’re looking for quickly. And each subject and headline is chosen with a lot of research into what pet owners are looking up on search engines for the best SEO.

Here are some of the articles I’ve written for their website, so far:

Equipment You’ll Need for a Dog Gym

The Ultimate List of Dog Sports (also a print article)

Why Do Dogs Rub their Faces on the Ground

During the 2022 Royal Canin American Kennel Club National Championship Dog Show in Orlando earlier in December, I was able to contribute to their social media with some photos and videos for their stories.

I’m looking forward to working more with the crew at Dogster magazine and I’m thankful to have this avenue to combine yet another passion of mine with my work.


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