Healthy Eating at the Horse Show & On the Road

Earlier this year I started a Healthy Horse Show Living series in conjunction with to continue my print article that was published in March. Within this series we talked about eating healthy throughout the day at the horse shows and in celebration, and we’ve been adding workouts you can do anywhere–the barn, by the horse trailer, in the hotel room, etc.

In case you missed it, here were tips on healthy snacking at the shows: Snacking the Day Away

Here are some tips for the entire day at the horse show on how to eat healthy. Come back later and I’ll share some equestrian exercises with fitness champion, and wife of horse trainer Brad Jewett, Monica Brant.

Breakfast Basics

  • Start your day with the right fuel to get you moving. Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast–even if it’s something quick and easy, it’s fuel for your day.
  • Not all muffins are created equal–most of those muffins at the concession stand are packed with high fat, calories, and sugar.
  • Go for a mix of protein and carbohydrates to feed your body.
    • Multigrain toast with peanut butter is a quick grab-and-go
    • Egg sandwiches with an English muffin or multigrain bread
    • Make-ahead breakfasts like frittatas, pancakes, and overnight oats.

Loving Lunch

  • Don’t just use the lunch break to work horses, use this as an opportunity to prepare your body for the long afternoon with nutrients.
  • Battle the mid-day slump with more protein and carbohydrates in your lunch.
  • Preplan your mid-day meals to help make the grab quicker, that way you’re more prone to eat lunch.
    • Pre-made salads allow you the ability to get your veggies and eat fresh, even during hot days.
    • Use multigrain wraps and sandwich bread to make lean sandwiches such as chicken and turkey packed with loads of veggies
    • Be careful with extras like condiments and dressings–a little is enough.

Dinner is Served

  • You might be tempted to celebrate the big win with a big dinner, but be careful with overindulging late at night.
  • If you’re going out to eat, look into splitting your meal with a friend, or order half already packaged to go so you have something for tomorrow (if you have the ability to use a refrigerator), that way you’re not tempting to finish the rather large serving.
  • Choose healthier cooking methods such as grilled, baked, or steamed; avoid breaded and fried

Click on each article for more tips to help stay healthier while on the road. Whether attending a horse show, dog agility trial, or just traveling, these are great tips for everyone!

Thank you Lindsay Livingston, RD, and The Lean Green Bean Blog, for all the great nutrition advice provided for this article series!


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