Roping & Racing-The Horsepower of Bill Casner

One of the fun parts of my writing career has been meeting some very interesting people and learning about their unique lives. When a friend recommended I speak with Bill Casner of WinStar Farm about team roping a couple of years ago, I was perplexed–Huh? A big-time Thoroughbred owner knows about team roping?

Let me tell you, Casner does, in fact, know about team roping–and he’s pretty successful with the sport as well. The story was picked up by Rodeo News, and I think one of my favorite tales was when Casner (who has sold his part ownership to Kenny Troutt a few years ago) was explaining how he has ridden Dubai World Cup Champion Well Armed (who is retired on Casner’s Rafter C Ranch in Texas), but he won’t make much of a roping horse: “He loves to do the ‘doo-si-doo’–you better be screwed down on him when you ride him because if he sees a bird or something he loves to do a little dance.”


Bill Casner rides champion Thoroughbred Well Armed on his Rafter C Ranch in Flower Mound, Texas.

Read more about Bill Casner and his life in the roping box and outside of the racetrack:

Rodeo News-Bill Casner


Roping & Racing: The Horsepower of Bill Casner, Page 1
Roping & Racing: The Horsepower of Bill Casner, Page 2
Roping & Racing: The Horsepower of Bill Casner, Page 3


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