Sharing Indiana Horse Racing News

One of my biggest missions when it comes to marketing in the horse racing industry has been to educate and inspire new fans and participants in the industry. Instead of just continually reaching out to people who know about ownership opportunities already because they're active within the horse racing industry, the goal was to reach … Continue reading Sharing Indiana Horse Racing News

Highlighting Community with TownePost

Journalism is about sharing a sense of community and sharing the news of the community. In a time when so many small town, locally-owned papers are shutting down the presses and shuttering the doors, the TownePost Network has kicked convention. The Network highlights cities and towns around Indianapolis by publishing monthly magazines that are included … Continue reading Highlighting Community with TownePost

Judge’s Chair: Pre- and Post-Checks at the Arena

Anyone who's competed at an NRHA event can attest that the show management, judges and stewards take the rules seriously. Though procedures like pre- and post-checks, NRHA officials strive to keep every horse and rider legal and safe while they're competing. These checks at every reining show allow a carded equipment judge to check each … Continue reading Judge’s Chair: Pre- and Post-Checks at the Arena