Judge’s Chair: Pre- and Post-Checks at the Arena

Anyone who’s competed at an NRHA event can attest that the show management, judges and stewards take the rules seriously. Though procedures like pre- and post-checks, NRHA officials strive to keep every horse and rider legal and safe while they’re competing.

These checks at every reining show allow a carded equipment judge to check each entry’s equipment and horse to ensure that every horse is presented in compliance with NRHA rules…

In the November issue of the NRHA Reiner, NRHA Professional and carded judge Kelly Sapp and I discuss what all is involved in pre- and post-checks at shows and how you, as an exhibitor, can make it easier for both you and the NRHA official.

NRHA Reiner November issue


See the entire issue and read the article:




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