Choosing the Right Options for Breeding Your Mare

Taking the confusion out of picking the right semen option when it comes time to breed can make the season less stressful for mare owners.

You’ve made the decision to breed your mare. She’s started under lights, and you’re studying your list of stallions every night to choose the right cross. Once you’ve made that decision, the next question to answer is just as important: what is the best way to get your mare pregnant?

Broodmare owners have three options when it comes to getting their mares pregnant: live cover; cooled semen; or frozen semen. Most facilities that standing reining stallions don’t allow live cover to protect their horses; however, the decision between cooled and frozen semen is one mare owners frequently need to consider.

The overall consensus among reproduction specialists is that, in general terms, neither method is better than the other. It’s instead dependent on the individual stallion’s fertility and your mare’s overall health.

Does this process confuse you? You’re not alone. Read this Breeding Shed article by flipping to page 133 in your November 2020 NRHA Reiner Magazine or click here.


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