Thank You, 2020

As is customary, New Year’s is a time of reflection. While, personally, 2020 was a horrific year, I’ve decided to mark it as a year of growth. After all, I made it through. I’m still standing. I’m still in one piece. And I can learn to smile again.

Positive thinking, right?

I’m so grateful for my clients who, I know endured some pretty rough spots as well. There’s no denying that the horse industry and the print industry really took a hit during the pandemic. My fellow freelancers and myself saw assignments shelved or canceled completely. Events were either canceled or held behind closed doors, available to the public (and some media) only via livestream. I didn’t attend the Kentucky Derby, Breeders Crown or Breeders Cup this year. In fact, the last trip I made was to Orlando, Florida, for the United States Harness Writers Association Dan Patch Awards and Annual Meeting in February, right at the cusp of the pandemic.

That didn’t stop me from being able to contribute to the industry I love so much in different ways. Thank you to the following publications and groups who allowed me to work with them in 2020:

All Wooled Up
Cornerstone Advertising
Equine Chronicle
Equiseen Media
Frontier K9
Horse Illustrated
Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance
NCHA Chatter
NRHA Reiner
Quarter Horse News
Reined Cow Horse News
Towne Post Network

Here are a few article and press release highlights from the year for MAC:

In 2020, I spoke with motivated racehorse owners, quiet actors, desperate Aussies, harried business owners and passionate horse owners. I learned something from each and every person. And I tried my best to share their stories, their lessons and their personalities with every reader.

In October, I opened my communications business to more than just freelance writing, but also freelance marketing. I’ve learned so much from my experience of working to promote and educate people about horse racing in Indiana, and I know there are more that need my assistance, even if it’s just to get started and be pointed in the right direction. I’m excited about this growing venture and am so thankful for the support I’ve already received.

Photo by Rachel Griffin Photography.

As I look ahead to 2021, I’m looking forward to new trails in terms of my marketing and communications education and offerings. I will be working full-time with JT International, makers of the Tough1 equine tack and equipment product line, helping them to update product descriptions on their website and in their catalogs for each of their 6,000+/- products. I will also work to help them refocus and grow their digital and social media presence in their marketing department. It’s a fun challenge I’m looking forward to, and I am very thankful that JTI invited me to be part of their team. I will still continue my freelance marketing and writing, striving to grow my own brand while helping others do the same.

I’m very grateful for the support and confidence my clients offered me in 2020, and I hope to continue that throughout 2021.


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