Pure Inspiration: Tammy Sronce & Her Recovery

In 2013 I had the pleasure to interview Tammy Sronce, a multiple world champion mounted shooter who is recovering from a traumatic head injury that left her practically immobile and helpless for quite a long time. Her story was so inspiring to me, and it’s probably one of my most favorite stories I’ve written to date.

WSH Aug_Sept -Tammy Sronce_Page_2

WSH Aug_Sept -Tammy Sronce_Page_4


WSH Aug_Sept -Tammy Sronce_Page_5


WSH Aug_Sept -Tammy Sronce_Page_6


WSH Aug_Sept -Tammy Sronce_Page_7


WSH Aug_Sept -Tammy Sronce_Page_8


To download and read in its entirety: Western Shooting Horse Magazine  Aug_Sept -Tammy Sronce


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