Dogs + Horses = Perfect Combination

If you’re a horse person, most likely you’re also a dog person. Walk around at a horse show, anywhere across the country, and you’ll find dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities escorting their four-hooved counterparts. Sometimes, you might wonder if there are more dogs than horses on the fairgrounds.

Having a dog as part of your horse show family is more than just displaying a fashionable accessory. For some, they provide a sense of companionship on those long, lonely hauls to the show. For others, they serve as a built-in security system for the tack stall. For others, it’s simply a matter of bringing “home” with you, wherever you go.

But how can you make the experience of having your pooch with you at the horse show a more pleasant one for you, your horse, and your fellow exhibitors? I spoke with a few experienced exhibitors who travel with their favorite dogs for their experiences and opinions, and also with a dog obedience trainer, Mandy Eakins with Manners Matter KY, for tips on how to be a better dog owner while on the road.

You can read the article in it’s entirety here:  A Horseman’s Best Friend

A Horseman's Best Friend_Page_1

A Horseman's Best Friend_Page_3

A Horseman's Best Friend_Page_3


If you have questions about dog training, check out Manners Matter KY.


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