Winning and Being a Success is More Than Trophies

Earlier this year I attended my third straight AKC National Agility Championship with my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dally. It was a great experience because I got to spend a few days in Harrisburg, Pa., with some close friends and our furry companions. But, also, I got to watch the culmination of one close friend’s hard work, struggles, patience, and inner strength when she was the “dark horse” and won the 4″ Preferred National Championship with her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Porter.

Merinda’s story isn’t just about someone overcoming obstacles with training dogs, but overcoming life changing, and possibly life threatening, challenges that left her even stronger than one could imagine. Because of that, I wanted to share her story with anyone who would listen, and I was thankful that Clean Run would allow me to write an editorial celebrating Merinda. This was also my first published editorial, which is kind-of cool.

It came out in the August 2014 issue, and you can purchase a copy for yourself.





Editorializing: Winning is About More than Championships (Download the PDF)



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