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Lately I’ve been doing some work for a few different home services companies (heating/air conditioning, plumbing, electricians). Mostly social media management, reputation management and content curation for their websites. It’s a big leap from the equine industry, but it’s been fun learning about new things and helping to educate their customers to help them save money, save energy and learn a few new things to help manage their homes.

A few examples of my writing include:

The Water Heater: What’s the Difference Between Tankless & Traditional?
Showers. Dishwashers. Clothing washers. Cooking. What do these have in commohome servicesn? They all rely on hot water, which comes from your water heater. But did you know there are two different types of water heaters?

Does My Ceiling Fan Help or Hurt my Air Conditioner?
When the temperatures start climbing, all you can think about is getting the maximum comfort out of your air conditioning unit. So, instead of cranking up the air conditioning, turn on your ceiling fan. After all, increasing air circulation and air flow in your home helps circulate the cool air better, right?

Sump It To Me: Sump Pump 101
A sump pump is one of those household items you might never even consider, but if you have a basement, chances are your house has one. Ever experienced a flash flood and standing water in your basement? Well, if you have a sump pump, that’s when you learn about the effectiveness of the, rather slight, object.

Why is My Water Brown?
A lot of attention has been paid to the water crisis in Flint, Mich., which has led to a lot of questions about water and if water of any color (besides colorless) is safe to drink. What are some common complaints about abnormal water color?

I invite you to do some research when you’re looking for a plumber or HVAC technician. Their websites provide a lot of information to help you fix the simplest problems, or to help diagnose bigger problems that will require their help.


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