The Importance of Content for Promotion

In an age of maybe too much information floating around the Internet, it can be overwhelming for a business owner to know what to include in their website materials and social media campaign. Because they do not put out a publication or even an electronic newsletter, an owner might not think they need content on their website.


Having separate content on your business’s website, such as a newsfeed or a blog, can help you grow your business in so many organic ways. First of all, adding new content to your website helps with your search engine optimization; bringing customers to your site more often.

content-writingSecond, it shows that you are not only a business owner in this certain niche, but you are an expert. This brings a more personal note to your website and your business. It allows you to have something to share via social media to drive audiences to your site, thus bringing in more potential customers.

These are just two, short, reasons as to why it’s vital to your business to continue to grow your website with content.

This additional content can be in a multitude of forms:

  • Blogs
    • How-to
    • Real life stories
    • Results
  • News/Events
  • Videos
    • How-to
    • Examples
  • Photos
    • Clients
    • Events
    • Results

While this seems like a daunting task that just adds to the to-do list, it’s really not too difficult to fulfill on a regular basis.

A simple blog post once a month about a trending topic can raise your profile. For example, my client Frontier K9 Training posted one in the weeks leading up to the 4th of July regarding the safety and sanity of dogs during fireworks season. The post trended in Central Indiana with help of organic social media promotion and the fact of taking advantage of an already popular search.

Other posts can be more timely and explain what’s going on behind the scenes to customers. My client All Wooled Up did just that, as she struggled to explain how much the cancellations of festivals and events due to COVID-19 was hurting her business.

If you’re worried about having the time or capacity to add content writing to your website, consider hiring a freelance writer to assist. Most content writing needs can be fulfilled within 500-800 words, which can be a small budget item that’ll pay off with the increased traffic your website will have.

Tips for Hiring a Writer
When you’re looking to hire someone to do some content writing for your business, it’s important that you are hiring the right person for the job. In a perfect world, that writer already has extensive knowledge about your industry, but it may just mean that he/she can dedicate time to learn.

When you’re discussing the potential job, ask for writing examples so you can see if the writer has a style that compliments you and your costumer base.

Don’t be afraid to ask for some content ideas from the writer herself. Perhaps she has some insight from being on the outside that can highlight your company in a different way you never imagined.

I’ve been lucky enough to have experience in different arenas that help with my writing background. I’m not just a one trick pony in the equine industry: I have general home services experience, writing for plumbers and HVAC companies. I’ve written for advertising agencies’ blogs. I work alongside dog trainers and other animal organizations and companies.

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of content to your business’s survival, let’s talk!


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