Podcast: How to Write a Press Release That Gets Noticed

Last month I was contacted by Denise Alvarez, owner of Stormlily Marketing, because she was intrigued by my last press release I wrote for the American Horse Publications mailing list touting my successful AHP Seminar. She invited me to speak on her podcast (How to Market Your Horse Business) about how to write a press release that gets noticed, and I was all too honored.

First, below are the 10 key steps for a successful press release that I mentioned:

10 Keys to Writing A Press Release That Gets Noticed:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Include the key facts early in the release.
  3. Include supportive quotes from yourself and/or key players.
  4. Write an attention-grabbing headline. (FYI This is also going to be your email subject line.)
  5. Edit your work. Have someone else read it before you send it out.
  6. Include a photo with a caption.
  7. Send the entire text of the release inside of an email. In other words, do NOT send it as a PDF attachment which creates more work for the editor.
  8. Send it to a specific writer’s email address—don’t use the standard “news@…” email because it can easily be overlooked.
  9. Tell a story to make it interesting versus just listing out the facts.
  10. Go do it! You are your biggest cheerleader for your business.

Please check out the podcast for more tips! Thank you, Denise, for inviting me to speak with you! It was fun and I love to share knowledge and tips with everyone.


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